A bit about Sky & Pearl


Sky is our first. We adopted him when we were living abroad in Korea (you can read more about it here). He was already 2 years old at that time and had already been fixed. We don’t know his exact date of birth but he is approximately 7 years old. He is a Siamese-tabby mix. When we took him home, he had either ear mites/ear infection and his skin condition was pretty bad as well, with missing patches of fur. We took him to the vet and nursed him back to a healthy kitty. He is absolutely the most cuddliest kitty I know. My mom has a kitty as well but she’s the really independent type. Sky just always wants to be around us, sit on us, and sleep with us. He is quite vocal when he’s hungry but is also a picky eater. He is not the adventurous type and is a scaredy cat. Even as an indoor cat, sometimes we open the door but he’ll be too scared to venture out into the unknown. He is also scared of the vacuum. We brought him back with us to Mississauga, which you can read more about here. Sky listens well to us; if I call him he’ll come running, if I say “NO” he’ll know not to do it again (such as going on the kitchen counters). He’s very docile, we can do anything to him and he won’t care. Grooming him is super easy as well.



Pearl is our second. She was adopted in Toronto as a kitten and is approx. 2 years old now. I’m not sure about her breed, I think she is just a regular tabby? We had her spayed at the SPCA clinic which you can read more about that here. She had fleas as a kitten so we brought her to the vet where she had been treated and we isolated her from Sky for a few days. Sky knew there was another cat in the house but didn’t meet her till she was cleared of the fleas. Her personality is different from Sky’s. She is not cuddly and she’s happy just doing her own thing. But she is a purring machine. She purrs more often and louder than Sky. She likes to come to us and sit near us, sometimes on top of us while we’re sleeping. But if you hold her, hug her or just pet her, she’ll purr but still run off. She is the naughty one of the two. She doesn’t come to our calling, and she ignores us when we say “NO”. She goes on the kitchen counter even if I don’t allow it and she won’t get off till I literally come close to her. We have to be careful when opening doors, as she is more likely to dash out. Since she doesn’t like to be held, grooming her is definitely more difficult.

When it comes to feeding, she is the greedy one. She gobbles up her wet food, and will steal his. Sky is a pushover and will let her eat his food. It’s gotten a lot better now as I had tried to discipline her about taking from Sky. Now she just waits till Sky walks away from his dish then cleans up the rest. The only time it’s the opposite is with treats. For some reason, he gobbles it up faster or Pearl just eats treats slower, but he’ll steal if it’s for treats! Did I mention that Pearl will eat almost anything? If she sees us eating something, she’ll want some. We don’t encourage it but she’ll come and ask for food with that cute mew and it’s hard to resist! She loves chips! Sky, on the other hand, even if I try to put food in front on him he’ll just ignore it, so weird!

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