Review: Go Pet Club F2080 72-inch Cat Tree

When we moved to Edmonton, we tried to take as little as possible so we gave the cat tree to my mother-in-law as she also has two cats. I shopped around a lot since they’re so expensive and decided on a 72-inch cat tree by Go Pet Club. I know cats like being up high so I got one as tall as I could afford. I ordered it from on Jul 29, 2014 and it arrived Aug 01, 2014! At the time, it was $139.00 (not bad!!).

Once it arrived I delegated the task of building it to my brother, and he finished building it within an hour. It was pretty easy to assemble as the package had included tools and easy instructions. It was sturdy and the faux fur padding was soft. They took to it right away and loves scratching on all posts, the lower and higher ones. They love sitting on the top and just watch everything happen below them; makes them feel superior! We did end up removing both “stairs” on the cat tree as we noticed they don’t even use it. They just jump right up and jump right off. They use the top three perches the most, then sometimes the middle condo and the bottom condo, we’ve never seen them use.

cat tree20140812_161654

The only thing that did not last was the little mouse dangling from one of the top perches. Sky loves furry things so he played with it quite often. 5 days later we came home and looked at the cat tree and noticed something was missing. We looked around for Sky and caught him red handed!


We initially had put the cat tree next to the stairs but Christmas came and we decided to put the Christmas tree there. The townhouse didn’t have much room so we had to put the cat tree next to the window which was actually a plus for them. I would roll up the blinds and they would stare outside from up high. The neighbors’ dogs would run around the backyard (not fenced) and they enjoyed the entertainment. The down side was when the blinds were down, Pearl would force her way through the blinds. Even if I moved the cat tree a bit further, that doesn’t stop her. She’s such a brat sometimes, luckily the blinds were not damaged!

iPhone 6 plus backup May 27, 2015 1157iPhone 6 plus backup May 27, 2015 6969

Pros: The height is great and the tower is sturdy. More importantly the size of the condos and perches are appropriate. I’ve seen many cat trees only with these tiny kittens and usually does not fit average sized cats but this one is great. The length of the scratch posts are good as well!

Cons: The stairs are useless, hopefully they make something else to replace the stairs, maybe a hammock instead? Also the mouse hanging from the perch came off way too easily.

Would I recommend this? Totally! This has been an awesome cat tree for them. They love going up and down the cat tree, sleeping on it and of course grooming their nails on it. Everyone that has come into our house comments on it “That’s the nicest/tallest cat tree I’ve ever seen, where’d you get it?” Of course we brought it with us to Richmond as well. The sisal rope is coming off on one or two of the scratch posts but it’s an easy fix. I definitely recommend this if you have two or more cats!!!




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