Review: Kong ZoomGroom for Cats


Sky’s first grooming brush is the Cat ZoomGroom by Kong. I bought this at a local Home Plus in Korea. It’s made of soft rubber with firm teeth that is supposed to massage and groom your cat at the same time. It claims that while grooming, the loose fur will stick onto the soft, rubber fingers.

Sky & Pearl have different types of coats. Sky’s hair is a bit thicker and doesn’t shed as much when we pet him. When I brush him, I can clump the hair together and it will form a hair ball. Pearl’s coat is lighter and more fluffy. Her hair is definitely longer than Sky’s. She sheds very easily, especially if we pet her. When I brush her, the hair will not stick together and flies everywhere so grooming her is a pain.


Brushing Sky


Brushing Pearl

I’ve tried the ZoomGroom on Sky and Pearl. They both seem to enjoy the feeling of the massage and it does remove loose hair in their coat but it doesn’t stick to the rubber fingers. The loose fur is just flying everywhere. Grooming Sky with this is manageable because he sits still. With Pearl, it works wonderfully in removing her loose hairs but there’s white fur everywhere like it’s snowing! On top of that, she doesn’t sit still which means the fur is flying higher and further. As I normally groom them by myself, this is definitely not an efficient method.


Fluff everywhere!

However, instead of tossing this aside, I found use for it as a pet hair cleaner! So if you have one and it doesn’t work very well as a grooming brush, try using it to get the cat hair off fabrics. I use it on my sheets and pillows and it works well! If I had to use a lint roller on the fabrics, I’d probably have to use many sheets to clean it all up. Now I haven’t tried it on many different kinds of fabrics so test it out on whatever needs cleaning. I find that different products work better with certain fabrics.



ZoomGroom on sheet


ZoomGroom on pillows


Pros: it provides a good massage and removes a lot of the loose hair from the cats and certain fabrics

Cons: loose fur does not stick to the ZoomGroom and causes the hair to fly everywhere. The teeth on this brush does not provide a thorough groom especially to their undercoats.

Would I recommend this? No, because it doesn’t give a thorough brush as the fingers are far apart. The aftermath of the brushing is a lot of work as the fur does not stick to the fingers. The remaining hair that is stuck to the fingers are hard to remove by hand, you’ll need a vacuum to clean it. I usually hold them with one hand while I brush with the other. Pearl runs away with any chance she gets so while I clean the ZoomGroom after 2 brushes, she runs off with the loose hair trailing after her. It’s just too much work but again it depends on the type of hair they have. It will be more manageable if their hair tends to clump together.


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