Review: Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Litterbox

Sky’s first litter box was the Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Litterbox. I bought it on Gmarket for about $50. It was good and we used it for the remaining time we were in Korea. It comes in two sizes; regular and large. We got the regular since we only had one cat at the time.


How it works: when it’s time to clean the litter box, you roll to the right until the contents fall to the top then roll back and the grill will separate the clumped waste into the tray which you can then pull out to dispose.

Pros: easy to dispose of waste, just pull out and throw it away

Cons: if the waste is not dried or the clumps break apart, it gets stuck at the top of the litter box when rolled and on the grill of the pull-out tray which is then a mess to clean

Would I recommend this? Yes I would. It makes the task easier and the only drawback would be the cleaning as is with most litter boxes. When we left Korea I gave ours to my Korean co-teacher and she was really happy with it as well!


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