What do I feed my kitties?


If cats are on a dry food only plus water bowl diet, they have a higher chance of getting feline urinary tract issues. If cats are on a wet food only diet, they consume double the amount of water than cats on a dry food diet plus water bowl. I read a lot about how cats are naturally carnivores and should only be on a raw diet, but not everyone can afford to go that route.

When I first adopted Sky, I read about what to feed cats and I went half-half. I know water consumption is extremely important so water is refilled around the clock. Obesity is common with cats, and many who are spayed/neutered develops a pouch (Sky has a big pouch, Pearl is developing a small one). Before when we had a busy schedule we would just leave a bowl of dry food out but slowly I noticed Sky gaining weight. Portion control is important as well. And yes, they love it when you shake the treat bags, but don’t go crazy giving it to them just because they’re so cute!

So this is what I feed them: 1 full spoon of wet food + 1/8 cup of dry food each, twice a day approx. 8-9 hours in between each feed, and then treats (usually 4 pcs each per day).

Dry food: GO! Fit + Free Chicken, Turkey + Duck Recipe
Wet food: I currently rotate between GO! Fit + Free Chicken, Turkey + Trout StewTiki Cat Puka Puka LuauWeruva Nine Liver and Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken (check out what kind of wet food to feed here).

I know a lot of cats seem to be fine on dry food diets but if you can, add wet food to their diet. It will help them consume more water and improve their urinary tract system. Remember to always have fresh water in their bowl!!

They are both indoor cats. We moved from a condo, to a 2 level town house to a 3 level town house. If anything they should have more space to run around here. They have a 74 inch cat tree as well. Still I find Sky to be gaining weight, so I’m contemplating if I should remove dry food from their diet altogether. That or I get them a wheel! 😉