Flying the cats to Edmonton via Air Canada Cargo

For our move to Edmonton, we decided to drive our cars over (3 days) which meant we had to fly the cats as well. My husband and brother went a few weeks ahead of me so they were there to pick up the cats when they landed.

To prepare for the flight, I called Air Canada Cargo (AC Live) to discuss what is required for flying them from Toronto to Edmonton. Luckily the restriction is for 2 pets per kennel. The only concern was that they could cancel the shipping if it gets too hot (29.5°C). I did not need to provide any documentation, just had to fill out some information about them. As long as they were healthy they were good to go.

They do have strict airline kennel requirements so based on that I ordered a large kennel (32L x 22W x 23H in.) from Costco for $89.99. I also purchased a Top Paw Crock Crate Bowl from Petsmart so that they would be fed water/food/medication if required. The shipping fee was $297.52 from Toronto to Edmonton.

20140620_183001 20140620_183404


They are required to be dropped off 4 hours prior to flight and picked up within 4 hours of landing. That day I made sure they ate and used the washroom before putting them in the kennel. I had lined the kennel with blankets so they would be comfy. My sister and brother-in-law helped me bring them to the Cargo facility (it’s not the same as airport). I filled in the paper work and paid the fee. It was the first time leaving them alone and my heart sank as they meowed. I was worried if they would be safe in the cargo section, if they would be scared and if they would arrive safely. Of course I started tearing up as I said bye to them and they were taken away.

They arrived safely and were picked up immediately. They were safe and sound, and ready to explore their new home.