Review: Weruva TruLuxe Canned Foods


I’m always looking for canned food that is high in protein, low in fat and little to no carbs, along with other factors stated in this post to add variety to their meals. Of course, Weruva makes great recipes that fall within that criteria.

Weruva has 4 product lines (most expensive to lease); TruLuxe, Weruva, Cats in the Kitchen, and b.f.f. Their food is grain, GMO, MSG, carrageenan free! I love that this company is transparent with their nutrition profile which is accessible on their website Weruva. I’m also thankful they post photos of most of how their canned cuisines look like as Sky is a bit picky with texture (no patés!) I actually looked up the nutritional values before picking it up in the store.

The best way to know if a canned food is high in protein and low in fat and carbs is to look at the metabolizable energy (ME) profile to see how much calories in percentage comes from protein, fat and carbs. All three will add up to 100. Here’s the information directly from their website:

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.05.28 AM

Based on this information, I chose the ones with less than 10% carbs and that are meat based only, no fish. Ranked from most nutritious:

  1. Quick ‘n Quirky with Chicken & Turkey in Gravy
  2. Peking Ducken with Chicken & Duck in Gravy
  3. On the Cat Wok with Chicken & Beef in Pumpkin Soup
  4. Steak Frites with Beef & Pumpkin in Gravy
  5. Glam ‘n Punk with Lamb & Duck in Gelee

The cats loved all of them and finished the food quickly. They were very palatable as they licked their dishes clean each time. I definitely would repurchase Quick ‘n Quirky, Peking Ducken, and On the Cat Wok.


Nom Nom Nom ^^

I’m not sure if it was just the one can of Peking Ducken that seemed to have less than all the other cans. I know they vary batch by batch but I felt like it didn’t fill the whole can and I didn’t get my money’s worth! Hopefully it was just that one can.

Steak frites also has higher calories in fat than protein, not by a lot but if reading the ingredient list, a lot of fat/carbs are in the top 5; water sufficient for processing, beef, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, potato starch. Beef is not as lean as poultry either so I would probably give this once in awhile as a treat but it would not be part of their meal routine.

I didn’t like that Glam ‘n Punk had tuna in it, which was the third ingredient on the list. Also, the gelee consistency made it very similar to pate which made it a bit harder to feed/clean out the can. But the deal breaker is, even with almost zero carbs, is that the fat is almost double that of protein! Moderate fat is ok (~20%-40%) but this one is too high so I will be crossing this off my list.

If you’re in Richmond, you can purchase the Weruva TruLuxe line at Pet Food ‘N More, Bosley’s by Pet Valu, Tisol and Faithful Friends. The prices are consistent amongst the pet stores: $1.89/85g cans, and $2.99/170g cans.


Are there any brands you can recommend that are high in protein but low in fat and carbs? Let me know in the comments! 🙂



How to choose food bowls for your cat

I use separate bowls/dishes for dry and wet food. When feeding dry food, I would put it in their bowl but they only eat the food in the centre and always leave food around the edge of the bowl even when they’re still hungry. Maybe they think they finished all of it but the food they don’t finish tends to get stale and later they meow for a fresh bowl. They just won’t touch the leftovers (unless I starve them). I’m not sure why they do this but I figured it’s the shape of the bowl that causes this behavior. I’ve even seen memes regarding this so our kitties are definitely not the only ones!


So the bowls they had been using for years is this one. Pretty right?


Often then not, I find food left around the edge and it gets stale so I toss it away because they refuse to eat it.



The bowls are wide enough for their faces to go in, I know that’s not a problem but I think they just don’t like to eat from the edge? I don’t leave food out for them and I only give them 1/8 cup each time I feed them so they probably are still hungry after leaving this much in the bowl. I also don’t like tossing out the food, it’s not cheap!  So I went to several pet stores to see what bowls might be good for them (I check both cat and dog sections). I figured that a wide flat surface will encourage this behavior as the food will just be pushed to the edge. Luckily I was able to find a bowl wide enough for their heads to go in but with slanted edges that force the food to the centre; Whisker City Double Cat Bowl.


So I fed them in this new bowl and most of the time, there’s nothing left! It makes me happy that they finish their food 🙂 Sometimes though they would leave maybe 2-3 kibbles at most.



For wet food, they use these small dishes I found at Dollarama. They are pretty shallow and the edges are slanted as well. Before, we used to feed the wet food on a round flat plate but because the surface area was too big that the food kept moving around as they tried to eat it. It was hard for Sky to pick it up and he left pieces here and there. So these small dishes work well as the food stays in one spot and if needed he licks the food against the edge to eat it.



If you have this problem with your cat where they don’t finish all their food, maybe try changing their bowl/dish. It worked for me and they lick it all clean so I don’t have to deal with hardened/stale food! 🙂

Review: Go Pet Club F2080 72-inch Cat Tree

When we moved to Edmonton, we tried to take as little as possible so we gave the cat tree to my mother-in-law as she also has two cats. I shopped around a lot since they’re so expensive and decided on a 72-inch cat tree by Go Pet Club. I know cats like being up high so I got one as tall as I could afford. I ordered it from on Jul 29, 2014 and it arrived Aug 01, 2014! At the time, it was $139.00 (not bad!!).

Once it arrived I delegated the task of building it to my brother, and he finished building it within an hour. It was pretty easy to assemble as the package had included tools and easy instructions. It was sturdy and the faux fur padding was soft. They took to it right away and loves scratching on all posts, the lower and higher ones. They love sitting on the top and just watch everything happen below them; makes them feel superior! We did end up removing both “stairs” on the cat tree as we noticed they don’t even use it. They just jump right up and jump right off. They use the top three perches the most, then sometimes the middle condo and the bottom condo, we’ve never seen them use.

cat tree20140812_161654

The only thing that did not last was the little mouse dangling from one of the top perches. Sky loves furry things so he played with it quite often. 5 days later we came home and looked at the cat tree and noticed something was missing. We looked around for Sky and caught him red handed!


We initially had put the cat tree next to the stairs but Christmas came and we decided to put the Christmas tree there. The townhouse didn’t have much room so we had to put the cat tree next to the window which was actually a plus for them. I would roll up the blinds and they would stare outside from up high. The neighbors’ dogs would run around the backyard (not fenced) and they enjoyed the entertainment. The down side was when the blinds were down, Pearl would force her way through the blinds. Even if I moved the cat tree a bit further, that doesn’t stop her. She’s such a brat sometimes, luckily the blinds were not damaged!

iPhone 6 plus backup May 27, 2015 1157iPhone 6 plus backup May 27, 2015 6969

Pros: The height is great and the tower is sturdy. More importantly the size of the condos and perches are appropriate. I’ve seen many cat trees only with these tiny kittens and usually does not fit average sized cats but this one is great. The length of the scratch posts are good as well!

Cons: The stairs are useless, hopefully they make something else to replace the stairs, maybe a hammock instead? Also the mouse hanging from the perch came off way too easily.

Would I recommend this? Totally! This has been an awesome cat tree for them. They love going up and down the cat tree, sleeping on it and of course grooming their nails on it. Everyone that has come into our house comments on it “That’s the nicest/tallest cat tree I’ve ever seen, where’d you get it?” Of course we brought it with us to Richmond as well. The sisal rope is coming off on one or two of the scratch posts but it’s an easy fix. I definitely recommend this if you have two or more cats!!!



Flying the cats to Edmonton via Air Canada Cargo

For our move to Edmonton, we decided to drive our cars over (3 days) which meant we had to fly the cats as well. My husband and brother went a few weeks ahead of me so they were there to pick up the cats when they landed.

To prepare for the flight, I called Air Canada Cargo (AC Live) to discuss what is required for flying them from Toronto to Edmonton. Luckily the restriction is for 2 pets per kennel. The only concern was that they could cancel the shipping if it gets too hot (29.5°C). I did not need to provide any documentation, just had to fill out some information about them. As long as they were healthy they were good to go.

They do have strict airline kennel requirements so based on that I ordered a large kennel (32L x 22W x 23H in.) from Costco for $89.99. I also purchased a Top Paw Crock Crate Bowl from Petsmart so that they would be fed water/food/medication if required. The shipping fee was $297.52 from Toronto to Edmonton.

20140620_183001 20140620_183404


They are required to be dropped off 4 hours prior to flight and picked up within 4 hours of landing. That day I made sure they ate and used the washroom before putting them in the kennel. I had lined the kennel with blankets so they would be comfy. My sister and brother-in-law helped me bring them to the Cargo facility (it’s not the same as airport). I filled in the paper work and paid the fee. It was the first time leaving them alone and my heart sank as they meowed. I was worried if they would be safe in the cargo section, if they would be scared and if they would arrive safely. Of course I started tearing up as I said bye to them and they were taken away.

They arrived safely and were picked up immediately. They were safe and sound, and ready to explore their new home.

How we adopted a cat in Korea

Back in August 2009, my hubby and I moved to Korea to teach English for a year. We lived in a small city called Mungyeong in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. Halfway through the year we decided to get a pet since my hubby has never had any so of course I tell him we should start with something easier. So we picked up two hamsters; Hammy and Mocha. As much fun as it was watching them run on the wheel, they weren’t interactive at all.

Sky showing interest to the hamsters

Sky showing interest to the hamsters

I missed playing with my two dogs and cat back home. It wasn’t until I saw a fellow teacher’s post about Animal Rescue Korea that got me browsing through pages and pages of pets listed for adoption. After thinking hard about it we decided to adopt a cat. We took a trip to the Daejeon City Animal Shelter which was a 4 hour bus ride from where we lived. We watched Avatar in a nice movie theatre since our city didn’t have one and also shopped at a Costco! It was our first time going to a Costco in Korea; we were so excited and of course we bought lots which hubby had to lug back. We didn’t find the right kitty at the shelter though as it was more of a dog shelter so we waited for the next weekend to visit another shelter.

Next weekend came and we took a 3 hour bus ride to the Korea Animal Protection Society Daegu Cat Shelter. There were so many cats! We felt so sad but glad they had a food, water and protection from the cold weather. All the cats there have been fixed to prevent over breeding. The costs of surgeries, food, and medical care all come from donations and adoption fees. This shelter is ran by a nice lady named Sunnan Kum who started it in 1989 and became a charity in 1991. As two Canadians who were not fluent in Korean, we had no problem communicating with her. We were overwhelmed with the amount of kittens and cats there. We stayed for awhile playing with the cats. It was definitely hard to choose one to take home; we would take them all if we could! But I think it was meant to be. That day I was wearing a jacket with fur lining around my hood. My hubby loves all things furry. While I was sitting at a table, one cat came out of nowhere, jumped up onto the table and started licking the fur lining on my hood. My hubby said he was the one! We signed the papers, paid the adoption fee of $100 and put him in a cat carrier and took off. They were even so nice to provide a starter kit with dry and wet food!


On February 6, 2010 we adopted him and named him Sky because of his beautiful blue eyes. At the time we adopted him, he was about 2 years old. We didn’t know what breed he was but the vet said probably a Siamese mix. After he settled in, we noticed he kept scratching his ears and brown stuff would fall out. Wen I looked into his ears it was all black/brown! He also had patches of missing fur all over and had the feline herpes (cat flu). We took him to a vet that we couldn’t communicate with but luckily my Korean co-teacher came with me and translated. He was given medication and topical cream and ear drops. After much TLC his flu subsided, ears were clean and fur grew back beautifully. He has been with us for 5.5 years and we couldn’t be more happier.


That’s our adoption story! If you are thinking about getting a furry friend please check your local shelters first. If you’re on the fence about committing to a pet, try fostering an animal. If you like to play with animals but don’t want to commit to one, volunteer at your local shelter. These animals would be so happy to see you!

Meet Sky & Pearl


Name: Sky
Age: ~7 yrs old
Sex: Male
Breed: Siamese mix
Personality: Attention craving teddy bear who whines when hungry
Loves: Furry things, cat treats & cuddling
Fear: Vacuums
Shedding level: 2/5


Name: Pearl
Age: 2 yrs old
Sex: Female
Breed: Tabby mix
Personality: Independent and adventurous
Loves: Human food, boxes, bags
Fear: Spray water bottle
Shedding level: 4/5

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